RELAUNCH: Radio Series begins September 27th, 2016

Put on your formal wear and take out the paper napkins, it’s time for Black Tie Lunchbox!


Black Tie Lunchbox is an internet radio program that will begin on September 27th, 2016 as a 1/2 hour weekly variety show featuring interviews with comics, authors and persons of interest in the New England (predominantly Connecticut) and New York region.


In addition to interviews, there will be special features like the Black Tie Lunchbox Review (reviews of books, movies, theater productions under the banner of Nutmeg Chatter, Quirk’s arts/culture news site) and a special series called “Lunchbox Vignettes” which are short stories narrated by Quirk with dialogue acted by special guests.

                                                      The History:

Black Tie Lunchbox began as a video program on Connecticut cable featuring J. Timothy Quirk and comedienne KJ Johansen.  The team interviewed politicians, actors, singers and performers.

btlb 2

In 2016, Johansen  began the creation of the KBJB radio/tv network and worked with talented entertainers to create programming that will begin on the internet radio network and transition in 2017 to video/television content.  Generously, Johansen invited Quirk to participate.  Quirk will continue the Black Tie Lunchbox legacy with major contributions by the Johansen team as the show is a joint venture under the banner of Nutmeg Chatter and Humor House Production.

The Black Tie Lunchbox website will feature news and information about the upcoming guests, the audio podcasts once the program has aired and the Lunchbox Vignettes (the short stories) will be posted in both audio and written form.

In addition the Black Tie Lunchbox website will feature: The Crayon Diary: Black Tie Lunchbox Editions- which will be Quirk’s cartoon work featuring the radio program as the subject matter!

If you have a comment or suggestion please email us at blacktielunchbox AT gmail DOT com!  Remember your comments may be read on air in a future Black Tie Lunchbox program!


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